Easy Steps to Make Creamy Homemade Yogurt That Will Save Money

Have you ever wanted to make your own yogurt? Imagine opening the refrigerator to find yogurt you made that’s healthy with no sugar, no additives, and just plain goodness? Make this creamy homemade yogurt so that you can have every day for breakfast, snack, or in a smoothie.

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There are 3 ways I’ve made a homemade yogurt recipe. Making homemade yogurt is very easy. With just two ingredients, yogurt can be made in several different ways. You can also use a crockpot or stockpot but my favorite way is to use an instant pot.

Creamy Homemade Yogurt

What is yogurt made of?

Yogurt is a bacterial fermentation of milk. It can be very healthy for the digestive system. Sometimes easily digested for some that can’t have dairy. My daughter has trouble eating ice cream but if it’s frozen yogurt or raw milk she has been able to handle it better.

Raw milk is easier to digest because it’s not been pasteurized. Since getting our jersey cow, she has been able to drink raw milk and has not had issues.

How do I make homemade yogurt?

Ingredients for Creamy Homemade Yogurt

  1. Gallon of milk
  2. Yogurt

How do I make homemade yogurt creamy?

I use 2T for each gallon. At one time I was using 1 cup starter yogurt for each gallon of milk, but 2T seems to work a lot better. It has been creamier since I lessened the amount of starter.

Is homemade yogurt better for you?

Yes. Choosing the milk can be a better choice. It’s also made plain without any sugar, dyes, or additives.

How long does homemade yogurt last?

Yogurt lasts about two weeks, but with five kids it doesn’t last that long! My boys will devour yogurt faster than I can say yogurt. If we go a few days without it, they start asking when am I going to make it. Saving money by making my own is a necessity. Once you make it, you won’t go back to store-bought yogurt.

Is it cheaper to make your own yogurt?

For our family, making yogurt is cheaper. It has saved me a lot of money instead of buying it. Buy your gallon of milk and the starter yogurt and choose what method works for you. We like to add homemade yogurt to smoothies, the kids eat it for a snack or breakfast. Add raw local honey for a sweetener and fresh berries, or for a homemade vanilla yogurt add real vanilla.

Making yogurt in a crockpot

  1. Pour a gallon of milk into the crockpot.
  2. Select high and check for a temperature of 180 degrees
  3. Let the milk cool to 110 degrees. You can take out the crock to cool in water.
  4. Dip out some milk and add 2T of yogurt (for one gallon of milk) stir and mix back into your cooled crockpot of milk
  5. Then pour in jars and place your jars in the oven and turn the oven light on and incubate for 8 hrs or you can cover the crockpot with a few towels to incubate.
  6. Then transfer to the refrigerator or 8 hrs-10hrs to chill.

Making yogurt on the stove

  1. Pour a gallon of milk into a stockpot.
  2. Heat the milk slowly to 180 degrees. Stir frequently so the milk will not burn.
  3. Let milk Cool to 110 (leave on the stove to cool or place in a sink of cold water.)
  4. Dip out some milk and add 2T of yogurt (for one gallon of milk) stir and mix back into your cooled pot of milk
  5. Then pour in jars and place your jars in the oven and turn the oven light on and incubate for 8 hrs
  6. Then transfer to the refrigerator or 8 hrs-10hrs to chill.

Creamy homemade yogurt in the Instant Pot

  1. Pour a gallon of milk into the pot. (I usually wash the pot in cold water to prevent scalding) Push the yogurt option until it reads boil. You can use the Instant Pot glass lid since you are not pressure cooking.
  2. The instant pot will beep about 30 min. later and the display will read Yogt(yogurt) when it is finished boiling.
  3. You can leave it and check it when it’s a lowered temperature to 110 or remove the pot and place it in the sink in cold water to quickly reduce the temperature. (this is much quicker) Remove curds.
  4. When cooled to 110 degrees, dip out a couple of cups of your cooled milk in a glass bowl.
  5. Add 2T of plain yogurt. Mix well.
  6. Add your starter yogurt/milk mixture back into the pot and stir until well combined.
  7. Put the pot back in if you took it out to cool.
  8. Select yogurt again and use the option to increase/decrease your time. Incubate 8 hrs.
  9. When time is completed, take out the yogurt whisk until smooth. Pour in glass jars or a glass bowl.
  10. Refrigerate for 8-10 hrs. Enjoy! Add berries, local raw honey, or whatever you like!

Homemade yogurt recipe in the Instant Pot

Gallon of Milk for yogurt

Boiled milk for yogurt
Glass lid for heating milk for yogurt

Boiling Milk for yogurt
Milk for yogurt
Finished heating milk for yogurt
Curds from Boiled Milk
Remove Curds from Boiled Milk

Yogurt after Incubating

If you need large jars, Azure Standard has different sizes. Check your local area if/when they deliver. They have the best prices for a gallon and half-gallon jars.

Making creamy homemade yogurt is very easy. We have enjoyed eating it homemade. I hope you try to make yogurt with one of these options. Another way to eat yogurt is to add it in this yummy homemade creamy ranch dip.

Please share this post if you know someone that is interested in making their own homemade yogurt. What is your favorite way to make yogurt?

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