How to Make Healthy Choices in Life For Amazing Energy

You’ve always wanted to know how to make healthy choices in life, but you don’t know where to start. You have come to the right place! Choosing whole foods and natural solutions for your family is so important. You may be looking for better health because you have been ill, or you want to lose weight, or you want your family to be healthier. Here, I’m going to list some actions you can take right now. I have healthy choices that are simple, on a budget, and for busy families! These easy steps will help you eat clean, add natural cold remedies, and household cleaning alternatives. You can do this!

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Natural whole healthy food
Making Healthy Choices with Whole Foods Photo by WendyWei from Pexels

Whole foods and more natural solutions can change and benefit your life. It may feel overwhelming to make a healthy choice at first, but take it slow and change a few things. Over time it will be easier to incorporate more.

As busy families, making healthy choices seems to be on our minds. Are we eating good food? Are the kids eating healthy? Is there an alternative to medicine? Can I use fewer toxins to clean with?

Tip: We all come to seek health at some time in our life. No matter the reason, I encourage you to look at the choices you make every day and see if there is one thing you can change.

What is a healthy lifestyle?

My quest for healthy choices started soon after I was married. Reading labels became a part of shopping for me and my husband.

As I was reading the ingredients, a lady passed me in the aisle and said is it that bad? I said yes, it actually is!

I started becoming appalled by the list of fillers, dyes, etc. Not everything we had growing up was always natural, but we had home cooking mostly made from scratch. Seeing so many people buying quick foods seemed odd to me.

That began my path to search for healthier options. I also started getting headaches and had low energy. This would lead me down a path of different diets, but one basic change has remained.

Cook it and use whole foods. Although I have never bought many quick foods, I knew cooking it myself was the key.

If I can make it myself, you can too. Even if you’re not trying to lose weight or have any health concerns, preparing a meal for you or your family will increase your health.

You will feel better! You can make healthy choices for you and the family!

Also, physical activity and good sleep will help maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Over time, this choice would help me have more energy, fewer headaches, and just overall feeling better.

Tip: If you haven’t discovered an Instant Pot! Take the plunge and get one! Instant Pot is like a crockpot on steroids! This will help cook meals in record time!

What does it mean to make healthy choices?

Healthy choices to me are whole foods with meats, greens, homemade sauces and dips, natural alternatives to medicine, and natural cleaning solutions for your home. Other natural solutions are lotions, makeup, and shampoos, laundry soap, and more.

There are also so many alternatives to choose from. This may be very new to you, but it’s really easy to change some of the basic food you eat and some of the items you use in your home. And it’s budget-friendly!

Preparing whole foods or clean foods instead of quick processed foods are needed for your body’s overall health. Buy meats and vegetables without any seasonings added. Season it yourself. Some foods that are pre-seasoned have MSG (monosodium glutamate) and this will raise your blood pressure and can cause headaches.

Can you make it yourself? Is there a better brand with fewer fillers, additives, or dyes? Are there any foods you could choose without added sugar, salt, or corn syrup?

What are other natural alternatives?

Another alternative I started trying was natural remedies for colds and sore throat. Over the counter medicine makes you feel awful. Then, there are side effects. If those medications don’t help, then you may end up on antibiotics.

Echinacea tea works great for us. For the kids, I buy the echinacea drops and put it in a berry tea. There are several different brands and variations of teas to choose from. Echinacea helps the immune system. You can buy echinacea in a pill form too. Also, you can take goldenseal. This seems to really dry up a cold. Do not take goldenseal while pregnant or nursing.

Oranges and lemons are an easy way to get your vitamin C. It’s fast to slice an orange to eat or squeeze a lemon in your hot echinacea tea with honey.

Making Healthy Choices with Natural Vitamin C
Make Healthy choices with Vitamin C Photo by Lukas from Pexels

Another remedy I love is Melaleuca oil. It’s antibacterial. This natural remedy gets rid of the infection. Also known as Tea Tree oil. This oil is strong. You may want to mix it with another oil(olive or coconut oil) Rub on the neck as needed for sore throat.

I have a base of coconut oil (maybe a cup) then add in melaleuca oil (aka tea tree oil). Pour in a 1/4-1/2 tsp.  We also use this for bug bites and wounds. You can also mix Melaleuca oil with another oil and pour 1-2 drops in the ear. This has helped a couple of earaches the kids have had. Some say to not put any essential oils in the ear. If you are concerned, just rub the mixture around the ear.

Colloidal silver is something we also use. We give this internally. The infection has gone away for our sore throats. I have also put some in the ear when the kids have an earache.

Do natural remedies work?

We have used these natural remedies for over two decades and we have been able to recover from our colds, sore throat, and cough, and even natural remedies for ear infection.

These have been successful for our five children too.

Only one of my kids has ever been on antibiotics. That was only one time because it was required to have an internal medicine for her really bad ear infection. We have teenagers to young elementary. This has kept us out of the doctor’s office.

Here are a few cleaning alternatives I like to use. Vinegar and baking soda work great to clean the bathrooms and sinks. We use vinegar to wipe mirrors. I am very sensitive to chemicals. Breathing chemicals will bring on a headache very fast for me, so I have to be very careful.

See, wasn’t that easy? You can start making natural healthy choices and alternatives today! My list of recommendations is below. You will see the benefits if you implement these!

How to make healthy choices in life?

There are some things I recommend for you to get started. Have an open mind to incorporate some of these natural choices in your home.

There are many items at the grocery store that have better ingredients. Not everything has to be purchased at a health food store.

Grocery stores have items with healthier choices. I shop at 4 or 5 stores to get what I need. It doesn’t have to be organic or special ingredients. Start with the basic foods and start cooking with whole foods.

It may be a challenge to make healthy choices. Making these changes will give you more energy to do the responsibilities you need to do every day.

You can do it! I want you to feel better and get up every day ready to take it on.

What are the top 10 ways to stay healthy?

1. Read labels

Start looking at your foods in your refrigerator and pantry. Look at the ingredients and see if there is something better you could choose.

2. Choose whole foods

Pick a few foods that you can make yourself. Choose meat, vegetable, and a salad. It doesn’t have to be a hard recipe with a lot of steps. Avoid GMO foods

3. Cook with good fats

Use olive oil, butter, or coconut oil instead of vegetable oil. You can also use bacon grease. We strain it and use it for scrambled or over-easy eggs.

4. Choose a good salt and season foods with real spices

I love Himalayan salt. Regular salt at the store is bleached and all the minerals are taken out. Real Salt is good too. Omit seasoning packets. They are full of extra ingredients you don’t need. It’s so easy to have seasonings on hand for your food.

5. Choose foods without corn syrup and sugar.

When corn is made into syrup the effects are not good for our body.

6. Lower your carb intake.

Eat whole foods, vegetables, and good fats. Fewer grains and pasta. Those will increase your insulin and lower your energy.

7. Pick healthy snacks

We like Lara Bars for snacks. Also, we have no sugar peanut butter. Trail mix-nuts, raisins, and chocolate chips.

8. Add local honey

We have started adding honey to our cooking. It’s yummy in my daily cup of coffee. It also helps your allergies.

9. Replace sugary drinks.

Drink water with a squeeze of lemon. Drink Zevia or Bai drinks. Zevia is sweetened with erythritol. Bai drinks are sweetened with erythritol, stevia, and fruit juice. These are available at local grocery stores.

10. Exercise and Sleep

Getting some exercise and good sleep will help you start a healthy lifestyle.

Natural alternatives for cleaning and your medicine cabinet

11. Use vinegar and baking soda for cleaning.

Use vinegar and baking soda to clean the toilets and sinks. I also spray vinegar to clean the mirrors.

12. Replace cold medicines

Echinacea tea works great for colds. Eat oranges or squeeze a lemon in your tea. Add honey with a kick of red pepper. Elderberry is also good too.

13. Use Melaleuca oil/Eucalyptus oil

This is great for a sore throat or cough. Mix a few drops with another oil (olive or coconut) and rub on your neck. This will kill the infection. Add a few drops of Eucalyptus oil works great too. Rub on your little one’s feet for coughing.

14. Colloidal Silver

Colloidal silver is minute silver particles suspended in a liquid. An antimicrobial that can kill microbes.

We take this internally for sore throat or cough. Read directions for the amount recommended.

What are the benefits of being healthy?

Choosing healthier options for your busy family can benefit everyday life for you. Having more energy will increase your overall health. Feeling better each day to play with your kids and tackle your daily tasks. You can be successful if you have a goal and you know where you are headed.

Changing to whole foods will give you a clearer mind. The fogginess will clear and you can accomplish more each day.

Do you want to feel better and have more energy?

Do you want your kids to feel better?

Are your kids sick a lot?

Do you want to lose weight?

Do you want to find alternatives to cold medicines?

Are you looking for natural cleaning solutions?

Some of these questions may be answered if you cook with whole foods, use alternatives for the common cold, and change to fewer chemicals.

There may be some positive changes in your family’s health by learning how to make healthy choices and alternatives. Implementing these are easy to start today!

We have experienced some amazing results in our family. We have more energy, get over our sickness without a doctor’s visit, and we feel good overall.

I used to really feel tired a lot. Changing to whole foods has made a huge difference. To keep up with 5 kiddos, a farm, and all the tasks to run a house, I need it!

This is possible for you to do too!

FAQ about Healthy Food and Natural Remedies

  • Is it hard to make healthy choices?
    • No just start small and choose whole foods and try a few recipes using clean ingredients(meats, vegetables, salad.) Purchase some natural cold remedies. Pick a couple of natural cleaning products.
  • Do I have to buy all organic?
    • No, We don’t buy all organic. There are a few items that taste better that we buy! Raising your own food is a great option.
  • Will my family enjoy this food?
    • Yes, there are some great foods and snacks when choosing healthy options.
  • Can I get these at my local grocery stores?
    • Yes, many grocery stores have great choices. I shop at health food stores and grocery stores for what I need.
  • Do these changes help?
    • For us it has. As you change a few foods and some natural remedies for your family you will see great benefits. More energy, weight loss, fewer colds, remedies that work. etc.
  • Does it take more time?
    • Yes, some healthy choices take longer to prepare. There are great benefits that outweigh the time.

What are the tips for healthy living?

Starting these steps may be overwhelming as some of it takes more time. You may not know how to make healthy choices for your busy life, but it’s easy to begin. You can do it! Starting with one healthy choice will lead you to another. The first 1-10 are my 10 tips for a healthy lifestyle.

Would love to hear from you. You can change one thing that is better for you! What have you started for a healthy choice for your family?

Disclaimer: This is not intended to treat or diagnose. This is for informational purposes only and it is your responsibility to educate yourself. Please consult a physician for medical advice.

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